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COW - Container On Wheels...

Are you preparing for an open house or maybe want to get a head start on your move? Townline Self-Storage has the right idea for you. COWs. (Container On Wheels). offers flexible and affordable solutions for all your moooving and stooorage needs, and its delivered right to your door.

Maybe you are sick of seeing your cluttered garage, its full and you don't want to just take everything to the it. Closets are jammed full in the house and you just can't seem to throw out that favorite dress, pair of shoes, or your old comfortable jeans...hey maybe bell bottoms will come back in style. COWs. has the solution for you.

COWs are safe, convenient and an inexpensive place for all your stuff. We offer daily, weekly and monthly rates so you only pay for the time you use. 8 foot and 16 foot containers available for your convenience.






'Forget Renting A Truck,  Rent A COW!'